• Understanding how CRUX works
  • Opening CRUX and incorporating the data - Acumetric sample data set
  • CRUX User Manual / Screenshot Familiarization
  • Collecting Data in multiple ways
  • Merging data - Acumetric sample data set
  • Cleansing data
  • Data Diagnostics & Data Quality
  • Converting flat data sets into hierarchical data sets
  • Organization charting
  • Navigating through Tree Views, Sunburst and Icicle
  • Navigating through Cost & Compensation roll-ups
  • Drawing relationships & demonstrating interplay across multiple variables
  • Dashboards
  • Building Charts
  • Exporting and sharing outputs
  • Zooming in & out
  • Custom colour palettes usage
  • Time Series
  • Statistical modelling
  • Histograms
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Predictive Modelling

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