Organization Design Diagnostics in a Pharmaceutical Company – Identifying Risks & Opportunities

Organisation design demands holistic systems thinking. It involves reviewing a range of options, each one backed up by numbers and charts. Processes must be defined, accountabilities mapped, headcounts rightsized. You also need to understand the impact on employees, and track the benefits. Doing this quickly and accurately has been difficult using traditional tools.

Problem Statement and Analytics Objectives

The Business Problem

  • A Pharma company sought to diagnose it’s current structure & design prior to undertaking a massive restructure
  • The project team needed to transform it’s organisational structure and to map costs into roles

Analytics Objectives

  • Identify Span of Control risks right through the role hierarchy
  • Identify restructure and delayering opportunities
  • Identify Cost saving opportunities
  • Identify Gaps in reporting lines
  • Generate What If scenarios around Structure, Headcount & Cost optimization

Organization Span of Control Analysis – Dataset of 6437 Employees


Organization Span of Control Analysis – Dataset of 6437 Employees


Span of Control Gaps Visualized across Roles & Employee Categories

Skew - There are 6 groups of 100+ employees and 9 groups of 50-100 employees reporting in to I Manager; clear anomalies in the dataset being highlighted


Organization Depth & Work Level Layering Analysis & Visualization


Organization Design Skew – Where is the Bulge


Organization Design What-If Scenario Modelling – Net Change in Headcount & Cost


Organization Design – Key Risks & Opportunities Identified


  • Skewed Manpower Cost Base - 45% of the Headcount sitting in Level 4/5
  • Low Utilization - 17 Managers have only 1 Employee reporting in to them ; 38 Managers < 3 Employees reporting in
  • Low Level of Engagement / Low Level of Supervision & Performance Management - 34% of the Headcount are “orphans” with no reporting lines to any manager - 6 Groups of 100+ Employees and 9 Groups of 50-100 Employees reporting in to 1 Manager


  • Restructure the middle organization
  • Redesign the Management Layer with suitable Span breakers and Levels
  • Job Evaluation & Role Analysis for all key roles across the Management Layer
  • Generate savings in both Headcount & Cost

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