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The CRUX Business Case

CRUX offers benefits that ensure that you can see a return on investment in a matter of weeks and the
business case is self evident.

EASY, FAST, SECURE, FLEXIBLE and AFFORDABLE. If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you can operate CRUX. 


Critique • Reveal • Understand • Explore    

CRUX solves the problems of data integration and visualising organisation performance, through agile data management.
Collecting what is needed. Identifying problems. Analysing root causes and developing solutions. All through its single application.

It is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, held in your own secure  database, and cost effective.

Single Database

For any measure
and metric,

Review Performance

By Span of Control
and Depth


Any variable by another,
split by, coloured by


Data collection and cleansing
Built-in statistics functions

CRUX Analytics Platform Highlights


Data Quality

Employee data is held in silos in databases and spreadsheets, in different locations, making a single employee view almost impossible, time consuming and costly. Existing data is often missing, incorrect, not up to date, or in different formats.

CRUX is a one stop application that integrates, identifies problems in data quality, enables data cleansing and the collection of missing data.

Example: CRUX is the perfect tool to create a data warehouse for HR analytics, that does not interfere with everyday HR operations systems.


Data Transformation

To overcome the problems of data silos, several mid and large
organisations with more than 2000 employees are making major capital investments to migrate to HR systems from leading software vendors. In these programs, the most important challenge is data, especially reformatting historical data for the new data structure.

CRUX is a one stop application that imports and converts any pre-existing
data structures for conversion to new guidelines. Significant quality, time and cost savings are achieved using CRUX instead of consultants.

Example: CRUX has been successfully used to pull together and transform multi-national employee data for shared services operations.


Organizational Development

Many HR managers use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to analyse employee data and present organisation structures. The challenges with using these are that they were not designed to analyse an organisation’s hierarchy. CRUX is a one stop application that converts flat MS-Excel files into hierarchical datasets that enable HR analysts to view organisation data by span and depth, create line and functional trees and amazingly, view employee data within these tree and sunburst charts.

Example: CRUX hierarchy visualisation is ideal for before and after scenarios for rightsizing and restructuring, through dynamic tree maps layered with FTE, costs and other measures.


What-If Analytics

Answering critical employee efficiency management and employee effectiveness questions quickly, is key to HR demonstrating its value to the business. This is possible only with the ability to make multiple changes in a test conditions and see the impact of these options. CRUX one-stop data visualisation is an advanced pivot table with the added ability to perform both descriptive and predictive analytics through its built in statistical functions.

Example: CRUX linear and logistic regression functions enable primary investigation of key drivers of employee performance and engagement, before investment in detailed analytics. 


Crucial HR metrics at your fingertips

Stop trying to manage your data in disparate systems, centralize all of your HR data in CRUX to accurately measure what is important to you and your business leaders. You can track and visualize at-a-glance headcount, span-of-control, total salaries by department and more.


Easy and Fast

Simple and intuitive administrator controls; Data quality reports generated in minutes; Instant visualisation and analytics anywhere, even directly on your laptop



Unlike cloud, CRUX is installed in client servers or desktops, and points to data held in client locations. CRUX operates offline with no analytics or data changes being written to source databases.



CRUX can analyse from 100 - 100,000 employees on a single license, and the ability to purchase annual CRUX licenses based on your changing needs



Our annual license plans are market beating, with zero capital investment requirement, and a demonstrable return on investment to justify to the business.

Human resource management earns its strategic role when it is able to use data and present insightful analytics and visualization to enable the business make informed decisions about its people, whether those decisions are about the depth and span of talent in the organisation, roles and responsibilities or compensation and location or any other dimension. Gathering and managing data is time consuming, and involves capital investment in most firms.


For HR management today, the crux of the matter
is understanding the organisation hierarchy
and the value it delivers to the business.
Get to the crux of workforce analytics.
With CRUX.

Video Tutorials

The feature-packed CRUX application explained in a series of hands-on demos. Watch the whole set of tutorials to help you master and control CRUX


CRUX User Manual

If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you can operate CRUX through its online help manual
and FAQs  


Designed by C-suite international business managers

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